Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

Quick summary:

If you are searching for home workout equipment with which you can do multiple workouts then nothing can be a better option than body champ olympic weight bench. 

This versatile, heavy-duty 2.5 inch square tube olympic is built well and comes with different added attachments with which you can do different core workouts. That’s why, this is perfect for serious lifters. 

The product is made by body champ company which is a private company established in 1996.It comes with a manual book and very easy to assemble by following the instructions

The weight and dimension of the item is 79 pounds and  41 x 21 x 11 inches ( L x W x H ) respectively. It’s maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs. The color of the product is dark gray or black.

Pros and Cons:

Everything in this world has both good and bad sides. Nothing can be perfect but the percentage of good and bad varies from item to item. 

So, this Olympic weight bench also has both good and bad sides. But compared to it’s cons, the pros or the good sides are more. It has so many plus points that the negative ones are negligible.


  • Adjustability: This equipment has customizable characteristics for efficiency ,comfort in the workout environment and optimum training positions. It has a 7-position adjustable backrest and comes with an adjustable full action Leg Extension and Arm Curl Bar.
  • Ensures safety and comfort: This equipment not only ensures your comfort but also your safety during your workout sessions.The U shaped front leg stabilizer of the product ensures your safety and the racks also have safety hooks and safe grip feature is also available to protect your hands.
  • Equipment attachments: You need not to buy anything separately because this set comes with all the home equipment with which you can do different workouts and lifting. For example: Plate adapter, high density padding, preacher curl and so on.
  • Compatibility: This training equipment can be a great option for your home gym because it is compatible with most 6- and 7-foot weight sets. 
  • Sturdy: The olympic weight bench is sturdy and solidly or strongly built.


  • This equipment comes with an assembly guide but doesn’t come with an instruction guide about the usage of the item so if you are a beginner then it will be difficult for you to know how many exercises you can do or how to use each and every product. 
  • If your height is almost 6 feet while doing Arm Curl Bar, then the handles may hit your knees sometimes.
  • Since the handles are covered with rubber foam, do not rotate at all. But while doing pull up your wrists of hand rotate slightly. So it may cause blisters on your hand. You may get a solution to this if you use gloves.

Final word on the product: ( Our Verdict )

If you are dedicated to your fitness and want any gym equipment for home use at the same time which is easy to use and affordable, then without any doubt you can depend on the body champ olympic weight bench.

This equipment will give beneficial results to stamina, strength and will take your health to the next level. You can build this product at home very easily as well.

So, I will obviously suggest this product because it can be the best option if you are searching for a gym quality workout at home. Since you can do multiple workouts and lifting with this equipment, nothing can be a better option than this.

We all know nothing can be perfect. In the same way this product has few bad sides, compared to its good sides the bad sides are negligible. 

So, this product is perfect for those who are dedicated to workout and want a multi-function item at an affordable rate and take their workout or lifting to the next level at home.

Product FAQs:

  1. Is it difficult for a beginner to assemble this product?

Ans: It is not that difficult to assemble because it comes with an assembler guide. What you have to do is follow the instructions of the guide and do it accordingly. To assemble it you will get a lot of bolts and nuts, so you have to do it carefully. Since instructions are given that means you know the path so it is very easy. If you do it alone, it will take at max 3 hours to assemble it.

  1. Is it possible to do squats with this product?

Ans: It is possible to do squats with this product but I will not recommend anyone because there are some limitations in this regard and if you are tall then it is not possible to do squats. So I will not suggest doing squats with this item.

  1. Does this product come with an assembler or instruction guide?

Ans: Yes, it comes with an assembler or manual book which gives you a clear idea about how to set it perfectly  but there is no instruction guide which shows how to do exercise or what kind of exercises you can do with the item.

  1. Is it possible to lay the bench flat or incline?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to lay the bench flat as well as inclines or declines.


This bench is perfect for those who want a gym quality workout at home because you can do multiple exercises with this equipment. For example: Bench press, Incline press, Situps, Leg extension, Preacher curl and so on.

Since we can do a lot of exercises with one product just by adding or removing some parts, it is an all in one package. At the same time, it is in an affordable range. It is comfortable and sturdy, easy to assemble as well. 

So without any doubt if you want to start lifting or workout at home then don’t hesitate to buy a body champ olympic weight bench because you won’t get any better options.

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