Domyos Weight Bench Review

Are you planning to buy an adjustable weight bench for a reasonable price? No worries, we have just the right product for you.

The Domyos 500 is a folding adjustable weight bench that is cheap, comfortable, durable, and versatile.

This budget weight bench is a perfect fit for your home gym if you plan to upgrade or build one.

Whether you are a beginner or want a weight bench to do your regular simple workouts, this bench can be a good choice for you.

You can read this review to know everything about Domyos 500 and whether you should buy it or not.

The domyos weight bench review guide starts here!

Quick Summary

Decathlon’s Domyos 500 is a weight bench solely made to make your home workout experience more comfortable, versatile, and efficient.

Since it is easily adjustable, you can set it to target different groups of muscles every time by adjusting to different positions on your weight bench.

The Domyos 500 weight bench has a compact design. The build is pretty solid too. You can also add the Domyos Rack 500 to build yourself the ultimate home gym.

Another main factor while buying a weight bench is the pricing. As for this weight bench, the price is as low as it gets.

So, if you want a decent weight bench at a low price, this is the weight bench you should definitely check out.

Pros vs Cons

Everything has its pros and cons. As for the Domyos 500 weight bench, the pros and cons are:


  • Very affordable pricing from a reliable brand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable backrest and seat
  • Compact design
  • Usable with other attachments
  • Easily foldable and storable
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Not very safe at the decline position
  • Not suited for heavy-duty workouts
  • Can wear out quickly 

Domyos Weight Bench Full Review

The Domyos 500 adjustable weight bench offers a good set of features considering its price.

If your weight bench is for casual day-to-day use, then you can not go wrong with this weight bench.

You can target your pectoral, shoulder, arm, and abdominal muscles by training with this weight bench.

The max weight limit of this weight bench is 242Lb. Meaning you can easily add some extra weight for better results in your workout program.

The materials used to build this weight bench are also good. The frame is made of steel, the backrest is made of viscose. Lastly, the padding is made using polyurethane.

Overall, if you are not using this weight bench for bodybuilding or heavy use and just using it for regular light workouts then, this does the job pretty well.


You can adjust the backrest of this weight bench to different positions to match your workout program. These are horizontal, incline, decline, and seated positions.

It is pretty easy to set the backrest into different positions. You only need to put the lock pin into your preferred position.

What is impressive about this bench is that you can also set the seat position. Although it offers only one more position, most commercial-grade weight benches won’t offer an adjustable seat at this price range.

Quality & Appearance

It is most impressive to see this type of build in a weight bench priced at less than a hundred dollars.

To ensure durability and sturdiness, the material used to make the frame is steel.

The backrest is made of viscose and the padding is made of polyurethane.

These might not be as good as pure leather, but it gives the leather feel to them. If you are not too observant, you won’t feel that much difference.

Its thin tubing and black color with a red outline make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Domyos Weight Bench Key Specs

Product Manufacturer: Decathlon 

Weight capacity: 242Lb.

Adjustable seat: Yes

Dimensions: 53” L x 23” W x 13” H

Product weight: 33 Lb.

Materials used: Steel (frame), Viscose (backrest), Polyurethane (padding)

Folding: Yes

Warranty: 2 years manufacturer warranty

Warranty & Guarantee

Like other Decathlon products, the Domyos 500 adjustable weight bench also has a two year manufacturing warranty.

If the bench is somehow defective or has any sort of problem in material and workmanship, you can change the product within the warranty period.

Assembly & Installation

Since it is not a pre-assembled weight bench, you have to assemble it yourself. The necessary instructions, tools, screws, bolts, and manuals are included in the package.

It’s pretty easy to assemble by yourself. It may take 30-40 minutes before it’s ready to go.

But if you are not familiar with this kind of setup or don’t want to take a risk, you can get professional help for a couple of extra dollars.

One thing to note is not to tighten all the bolts at first but tighten them after you finish putting all the bolts in place.

Domyos Folding Adjustable Weight Bench FAQs

  • How much does this bench weigh?
  • 33 Lb. So, you can say it is pretty lightweight and easy to move.
  • Can I completely fold it for extra space?
  • Yes, you can fold it pretty smoothly and store it under your bed or leaning against the wall.
  • What are the positions it can be adjusted to?
  • You can adjust it to be flat, incline, decline, and seated position.
  • Does this bench have an adjustable seat?
  • Yes, you can change it to be in two different positions.
  • Do I have to buy any separate tools to assemble it?
  • No, everything you need is in the package.
  • What is the color of this weight bench?
  • The color is black with a red outline.
  • Can tall people use this particular weight bench?
  • No, this bench is not for tall people.

Our Verdict

After considering everything, if you need a cheap weight bench that you will use for your regular day-to-day workouts and don’t need something for heavy-duty workouts, then this is the bench for you.

So, if you meet these conditions, then you should definitely buy this weight bench.


If you’ve managed to read it until now, then, we hope we were able to satisfy your needs. But if you need to know anything else about this product, let us know and we will try to inform you.

Nowadays, it can be hard to buy the right product for you considering how many products there are. So we try to make it a bit easier by providing the facts to you.

In the end, it’s your decision if it’s the right product for you or not. So, you should buy the product which you think is the right one for you.

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