How to use butterfly attachment on weight bench

Butterfly attachment is an exclusive feature only found in some weight benches. These benches tend to be versatile, allowing you to do a little more training than traditional weight benches.

The main reason to have a dedicated weight bench with butterfly attachment is to perform the chest fly or the pec deck fly exercise. It is an isolation movement solely to improve your upper body, more specifically your pectoralis major.

So, if you have decided to practice or only want to know more about the chest fly exercise, all you need to know is how to use butterfly attachment on weight bench.

That’s why in this article, we will guide you through the process of using your butterfly weight bench properly and show you just how much you can benefit from it.

Why do you need a weight bench with butterfly attachment?

First of all, a butterfly workout bench offers a lot more than traditional weight benches, where you can only do all variations of bench press if it is adjustable.

Secondly, there is not much of a big price difference between a good weight bench and a weight bench with butterfly attachment.

And since it works as an extension, you can easily attach or detach the butterfly frame from the weight bench anytime you need.

Using butterfly attachments for weight bench is a good and cheap alternative to the chest fly machine, which allows you to do the same exercise but is expensive compared to a butterfly weight bench.

So if your weight bench has butterfly attachment, then there is a good chance it has leg extension too, which you can use to build your hamstring and quadriceps muscles. So basically you’re getting an all-in-one package.

What is the butterfly chest press? And how to do it using a butterfly weight bench?

Butterfly chest press, also known as the pec fly or pec deck fly is an isolation movement to build and improve chest muscle for a more defined and aesthetic physique.

Since this is an isolation movement meaning fewer muscles are engaged, you should not use as much weight as you do for other weight exercises.

A Butterfly Weight Bench

So as we said before, you can do the chest press with a chest fly machine or even with just a traditional weight bench. But since this is a guide to use butterfly attachment, we will tell you how to do it using butterfly attachment.

Now, let us get to the process:

Step 1

Begin with a regular warm-up. It might seem basic but it is important to start your workout routine with the necessary warm-up, or you might end up badly injuring yourself.

Be sure to stretch the muscles you are about to train. Five to ten minutes of warm-up should be enough before starting your workout.

Step 2

Adjust the butterfly frame with your upper body and arm. So that when you lie down and grab the frame, your upper body is in a straight line with your upper arm.

Step 3

Put your desired weight into the weight pin. If you are a beginner, then you should try doing free weight butterfly press and then put on the weight you feel comfortable with. Try to increase the weight within every few weeks.

Step 4

Lie on the bench with your back against the seat and place your feet firmly onto the ground.

Step 5

Extend your arms on both sides and grab the frame, once they are in line with your chest on each side exhale and pull them across your body until they almost touch. Try to keep your chest expanded during the process.

Step 6

After that, inhale and slowly lower the weight back to its starting position. That’s it, keep doing it until you complete about 10 to 12 reps.

An ideal weight bench with butterfly attachment

Now that you’ve learned about butterfly attachment and how to use it, you might want to get you hands on a good, reasonably priced weight bench with butterfly attachment.

While there are many weight benches with butterfly attachments, most of them might not be a good value for your money. So we went through most of the weight benches and picked one that could be just right for you.

It is the opti butterfly workout bench. It is simply one of the best weight bench out there, which gives you the best value for money.

This workout bench can basically be called a home gym. So, if you are looking for a butterfly weight bench with a limited budget, that’s the one for you.


After considering everything, we think that knowing how to use butterfly attachment and buying a weight bench with it is worth it.

Instead of listing a bunch of weight benches, we only mentioned the one which we think is overall the best, but you can definitely buy one based on your own preference and everyone should do it too.

We’ve tried our best to provide you with the information you need, but if you think we’ve missed out on something feel free to let us know.

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