POWERBLOCK sport bench review

By the name of the product, we can identify it’s brand and it is POWERBLOCK. If anyone wants to be an expert in powerblock dumbbell workouts, then the POWERBLOCK sport bench will be the perfect gym equipment because this bench has the right size for most men and women. 

The bench most of the time offers no removable parts and it is very easy to assemble and move. It measures 50 x 21.5 x 18 (W x H x D) inches when flat.

This bench is made by almost 3-inch and approximately 15-gauge tubing, the bench is well built and versatile which is able to adapt different functions. It also has five bench positions – flat to 30, 45, 60 degrees and military positions.

The weight capacity of this sports bench is 550 lb and the weight of this product is approximately 60 pounds.The material is Powder-coat painted steel and the color of this product is silver.

Pros and cons

We all know every product has both advantages and disadvantages. Just the number varies for example: one product has more advantages and the other product has more disadvantages.

 In the case of the POWERBLOCK sport bench, it has more advantages compared to it’s disadvantages. The advantages of POWERBLOCK sport bench are:

  • While shifting one’s weight, the bench doesn’t creak rather the bench is very stable.
  • The wheels have terrific features and you can change the angle very easily and quickly.4
  • The seat pad has the adjustable capacity when you are in the inclined position, you can make the seat pad a bit downward to assure that you don’t slip.
  • The separate seat and back pads provide narrow soft padded cushions so that you can sit comfortably without facing any difficulties while you are doing shoulder or dumbbell chest presses, bicep curls etc.
  • The seat and seat back pivots work very well which have plastic washers and these are bolted up in the factory.  
  • The movements of both the front and back wheels are extremely easy.
  • The unit is nicely padded and constructed and the pads are super soft and comfortable.

And the disadvantages of the POWERBLOCK sport bench are:

  • It is not the cheapest bench in the market and it may be a bit expensive for some people for home use.
  • For some people the seating area might be small and the height as well.

So it has a lot of advantages whereas this product’s disadvantage is nothing compared to advantages.

What we like most about the product

Most of the benches are oversized for a woman. But this sports bench has a suitable size which everyone can use, especially women which is very rare in case of sports bench. 

The 16 or 18 inch high bench allows everyone’s feet to be flat on the floor when out level and even the back part is short enough so that one’s face is not buried in the back seat.

If the height is more than women need to face many difficulties. Like their feet do not rest on the floor when the back is flat. Again while doing reverse flies, to clear the seat back by her head and chin she has to spread eagle and on her tiptoes, so this form is horribly wrong.

So this kind of short height benches are really necessary because both male and female can use it without any hazard but this is rare.


  1. Does the POWERBLOCK sport bench build well to do step ups?

Ans: Yes, obviously this bench is well built and even it has the perfect height to do steps up as well. It is noticed that it wants to slide when we do up/downs going from plank position on the floor to the bench, but steps up have no problem.

  1. What is the lowest point of the seat from the floor when the seat is lowered to do incline?

Ans: The distance from the floor is approximately 10 inches (exactly 9.5 inches) to the lowest point of the seat when the seat is inclined.

  1. Is it possible to fold this bench flat and slide it underneath my bed?

And: No, it is not possible to fold this bench entirely flat but it might be possible if your bed is 2 or 3’ high even though I am not sure. It is only possible with the Powerblock travel bench which can be folded flat.

Final word on the product: (our verdict)

From my perspective, I will definitely suggest this product because by seeing it’s pros and cons, I find it one of the best sports benches. 

We all know everything has both good and bad sides which I mentioned before but this product has almost all the good sides only a few bad sides which is negligible. Because we can’t get anything fully perfect, there might be some problem which is normal.

For home use as well, this is perfect because it is sleek, very easy to move especially the wheels make it easy to move and don’t consume much space at home.

 So, I think nothing can be the better option than this bench. This is the best option.


The look, quality, stability and versatility of this bench is amazing. And you can use it for multiple purposes, for example: dumbbell workouts, barbell workouts and body weight training as well. Staying at home as well you can do all these. This is the best option for home use.

So as a buyer if you are searching for a sports bench press then definitely go with this Powerblock sport bench press.

You will be pleased if you deal with this product. If you get the product perfectly then this product will not be the reason for your distress, rather you will buy it again in the future and motivate you to do more exercise hopefully. 

Overall, It is an appropriate bench which costs a rational value.

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