Weider XR 5.9 Weight Bench Review

If you are searching for an adjustable workout weight bench that won’t cost you a fortune, then you must take a look at the Weider XR 5.9 weight bench.

This particular weight bench could be a great piece of equipment for your home gym because of its lightweight and affordable price.

It is also a multi-position workout bench that adjusts to several positions to give you a more personalized experience in your workout sessions.

The quality and features this bench offers at this price range make it an all-around budget-friendly weight bench that is hard to overlook.

Quick Summary

The Weider XR 5.9 weight bench is designed to help you with your desired goal. Whether or not it is to gain more muscle mass, tone your body, or improve your cardiovascular system.

You can adjust this bench to incline, decline, and flat position, helping you to achieve a greater range of motion.

This weight bench has a user weight capacity of 300 Lb. and a total weight capacity of 410 Lb. So, you can easily add weight for a more intense training session.

You can download and use the free BLIT app to get you through a step-by-step 3D installation process.

The durability and sturdiness of this weight bench are also pretty good. But be sure not to exceed the maximum weight capacity.

The bench seat is made of sewn vinyl to make it more comfortable and easy to work. And it is also a nice touch to the look.

You can also easily disassemble it and put it away for space anytime, which is pretty convenient since it is home gym equipment.

Pros vs Cons

Similar to other products it also has its pros and cons which might decide if it is good for you.


  • Very affordable pricing from a reliable brand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can easily be adjusted to six different angles
  • Really lightweight and easy to store
  • Detailed exercise chart from a certified trainer
  • Quickly convertible into a slant board


  • Short warranty 
  • Not suited for tall and heavier individuals
  • Narrow and small padded legs

Weider XR 5.9 Weight Bench Full Review

The Weider XR 5.9 is an all-around decent workout bench and the best you can find at this kind of price range.

This bench will help you get a proper full-body workout to develop a toned upper body and torso faster by working your muscles to the core.

You can easily target specific muscle groups like shoulders, abdominals, chest, hamstrings, and back by simply adjusting the backrest angle.

As a home gym equipment, this bench is a good investment. It has similar features compared to other weight benches priced much higher.

If your goal is to build a home gym on a budget, then this weight bench could be a start for you.


Since this is a multi-position weight bench, you can easily adjust it to match your workout program.

It has six different backrest positions you can adjust to. By changing angles, you can perform more types of training and target different sets of muscles.

As for adjusting the bench, the process is pretty straightforward. You only need to insert the locking pin inside the bracket to hold the adjustment.

Quality and Appearance

The material used to make this bench is alloy steel, which makes the bench very sound and sturdy.

The seat is made of sewn vinyl, making it more comfortable and durable than vinyl seats that are just stretched and stapled to the frame.

It also has a minimalist design that could be a much-needed collection for your home gym.

This particular weight bench can very well be on par with a commercial weight bench priced much higher.


In the case of performance, this weight bench easily outperforms any other weight benches in this price range.

Besides doing many variants of bench press, you can also do curls, dips, sit-ups, and chest flies using this weight bench.

It also has an integrated 4-roll leg lockdown for additional support and stability while you lift.

Weider XR 5.9 Weight Bench Key Specs

Product Manufacturer: Weider 

Weight capacity: 300 Lb. (user), 410 Lb. (total)

Dimensions: 53.5″ H x 18.25″ W x 40″ L

Materials used: Alloy steel (frame), Sewn vinyl (seat and backrest)

Folding: Yes

Warranty: 90 days (initial), Extended (manufacturer website)

Warranty and Guarantee

Although it’s a decent weight bench, it does fall short on the warranty. It has a 90 days initial warranty.

But you can get an extended warranty by simply going to the manufacturers’ website and filling up some information.

Assembly and installation

You can assemble the bench pretty comfortably by following the instructions and diagrams provided in the manual.

It can take about 40-60 minutes to assemble the whole thing. Make sure to follow the instructions properly.

If you are new to this kind of installation, then you can download and use the BLIT app for a step-by-step 3D installation guide.

Weider XR 5.9 weight bench FAQs

  • What is the weight of this product?
  • Around 40 Lb.
  • Is it foldable?
  • Yes, but you have to take it all apart.
  • Can it be completely flat?
  • Yes, it can adjust to flat, incline, and decline.
  • Can you do weighted bench press on it?
  • Yes, but be sure to keep the total weight under 410Lb.
  • Which parts are adjustable?
  • Only the backrest is adjustable.

Our Verdict

A good weight bench is the key equipment for a good workout session, thus you should keep your preference in mind and choose wisely.

Considering the price, this could be a great home gym equipment if you are looking for one. It is also the best option in this kind of price range.

It is not very suitable for very tall and heavier individuals, so we recommend you to go for a more universal and a bit expensive weight bench.

But if you are average heighted and want an affordable weight bench, then you should probably go for it.


At the end of the day, you should be the one choosing your products based on your needs and preferences.

We are just trying to make your job a little easier by laying the facts in front of you. There is no end to good products so don’t just keep looking, buy what you think is best for you.

If we’ve missed something or you want to know something else, then be sure to let us know. We will try to inform you right away.

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