Fitness reality 1000 super max weight bench review

Fitness reality 1000 super max weight bench is an ideal equipment for home gym use and with which you can do full body, incline and decline workouts,and it is a foldable exercise tool suitable for weightlifting. 

Within a budget you are getting high quality equipment which has 800 lbs weight capacity and it is a 12 position adjustment weight bench. At the same time this item is suitable for both male and females. 

By the name of the product we can understand the brand name is fitness reality which is quite popular in the current market. The weight and dimension of the item is 35 pounds and 59 x 23.5 x 48.5 inches ( LxWxH ) respectively.

This item comes with a 1 year limited warranty and the color is gray and black. Alloy steel is the material of this item. 

Pros and cons

Every item has both advantages and disadvantages. So this item has also both fors and against. But the best thing about this item is, compared to it’s advantages the disadvantages are negligible. 

Everything in this world has flaws but the percentage varies. So here the percentage of flaws is nothing if we consider the strengths and gains of this item.


  • Strength: The strength of this bench is remarkable because of the triangular support structure which is a unique feature of this bench and the frame is powerfully built with powder coated steel which is tubular. 
  • Backrest and seat: While exercising, you will get enough back support because the backrest is (12” W x 33.5” L) wide and the seat is large (15.3” W x 14.5” L) enough as well.
  • Sturdy: The bench is sturdy enough and all the tools are solidly built and very easy to assemble as well. The comfortability and quality of this bench is top notch and you can easily adjust it from inclining to declining.
  • Positions: The weight bench is capable of flat, incline and four declined positions in a total of six positions with which you can do multiple workouts. For example: using dumbbells, bench press etc.
  • Folding capacity: The weight bench can be moved from one place to another very easily..For storage, we can fold the bench which is a very useful feature. After folding the size of the bench will be reduced to this 51 x 23.5 x 9 inches ( LxWxH ) .


  • The width of the backrest is approximately 10 inches at midpoint which sometimes does not give proper shoulder support while you are doing heavy weight lifting but this is idle for dumbbells. And people who have wide shoulders then this bench may not give you proper shoulder support while you are doing heavy weight lifting.
  • On the foot peg, there may need thick padding but this can be fixed very easily by adding foams which we can buy from a store easily and this is not mandatory as well. It works perfectly but it may be needed sometimes.
  • Vinyl material is a bit slippery so to stop sliding you have to make sure to dig glutes in the seat.
  • In between the two bottom and three top brackets there is a gap which may cause difficulties but we can fix it by placing a block of wood in the gap which is in the lower bracket.


  • Does this bench lay flat?

Ans: Yes, it does only if  you have adjusted the front leg perfectly with two settings or else the position of the bench will be slightly declined. 

  • There is a gap between the backrest and seat. Is that gap creating any discomfort or is it too wide? 

Ans:This gap won’t create any problem in case you do exercises with this bench. Even if you are taller than most people then as well it is not going to create any sort of difficulties. But when the bench is in full decline, this 3 inch gap clearly differs from upright to full decline in between the backrest and seat and the position of the seat will raise a bit above the backrest.

  • What is the maximum weight capacity of this bench and if I weigh around 250 lbs then how much weight can I carry?

Ans: The maximum weight capacity of the bench is 800 Ibs and if you weigh 250 lbs then you will still can carry almost 550 pounds of weight to lift which is more than enough 

  • Does this bench fit perfectly for a 6 feet person? 

Ans: Users upto 6 feet 4 inches will fit in this bench perfectly. So if you are 6 feet then without any doubt you will fit in the bench and the bench is very stable and sturdy.

Final word on the product (Our verdict)

If you want a gym quality workout facility at home and at the same time you can do multiple exercises then nothing can be a better option than this super max weight bench. 

I will obviously suggest this item because according to the price this product’s quality and sturdiness is top notch and even this weight bench is better then many benches at gym as well. 

Though there are some negative sides but we all know nothing can be perfect and compared to its positive sides, the negative sides are negligible.

If this product met your expectations then without any doubt you can buy this product. It will be worth every penny. I will obviously recommend this item and it will not disappoint you rather you will be satisfied.


Fitness reality 1000 super max weight bench is the most comfortable and adjustable bench for home use where you can get gym quality workout at an affordable price.

It also ensures your security and comfortability and the item is made professionally so that it doesn’t harm your body. 

At the same time it is very easy to assemble as it comes with a manual book and very easy to move the bench from one place to another as well.

If you want a weight bench not only for lifting weight but also to do multiple exercises in one word which is compact for home gym use then you can definitely choose this weight bench.

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